Bombers: Fashion's Jacket Du Jour

Bombers: Fashion's Jacket Du Jour

As the nippy season starts to approach, it’s high time to bring out those oversized sweaters and coats in muted colours. But if you are looking for something that is both trendy and utilitarian, look no further and grab your very own bomber jacket. From designer labels to fast-fashion retailers, these jackets are in every fashionista’s backs and closets.

The current makeover of this military-style apparel comes in different varieties that it can be quite intimidating to choose one from the rack. A major favourite among the fashion-forward crowd would probably be the contrast-sleeve type. It can be that the sleeves have a different style, colour, texture or even material from the main body of the jacket. The delightful contrast of the elements lends a deeper dimension to your look while keeping it organized since it’s still on one piece of clothing. To finish off, pair it with a simple top underneath in a colour that complements the body of your jacket. With this, you can avoid having a mismatched look, especially if you are still unsure on how to pull it off.

If contrasting designs in one jacket is too much for you, but you also want to explore your adventurous side, then go for printed bombers. The photo-finish prints give off a modern and edgy appeal to the jackets. You can then pair this with printed accessory such as your bag or your shoes, while keeping the rest of the outfit clean and sleek, for that sophisticated city look.

While most bomber jackets have that masculine and athletic vibe, you can still keep your feminine touch on it when you go for the embroidered ones. Colourful, silky and textured, this kind of bomber jacket has that perfect oomph that could take your everyday wear to a higher level. At the same time, because of the military-inspired structure of the jacket, you can avoid looking too saccharine sweet even when your bomber jacket has floral embroideries on it. Such combination could be your introduction to more adventurous clothing choices in the future. Pair it off with a neutral-coloured top and jeans. 

Wearing bomber jackets doesn’t even have to stop at street-style fashion. In fact, if you opt for the more subtle types, you can also sport them in a corporate setting. An oversized bomber in a plain dark colour can take the place of the usual office blazer while scoring some major points in the fashion department. By matching your jacket with other sleek and stylish office wear separates, you can look effortlessly sophisticated, structured and polished.

The great thing about bomber jackets is that their function and appeal does not stop during the colder seasons. Bomber jackets may have been on almost every runway during the spring and fall fashion shows, but they appeared all-year-round in racks and online stores. Best of all, you can wear the bomber at almost any time of the year, making it a great substitute for your favourite worn-out black leather jacket.