Layering for Autumn

Layering for Autumn

Autumn is here and what better way to celebrate than bringing out your clothes for another season of layering. Indeed, the temperature is the most ideal time to wear clothes on top of another as it is neither too hot nor too cold and you can experiment with your style this time of the year. Of course, if you want to look stylish while being cosy, layering is not just about putting clothes together for warmth. It’s about making the right choices in terms of texture, colour, material, and clothing type so you look your best while sipping your fall drink du jour.

One of the main concepts of layering is to add dimension to your outfit. Of course, it’s an added point if you can keep yourself cosy while at it. During this nippy season, try putting one coat on top of another to achieve the goal of creating dimension. However, if you feel that you could get sweaty wearing a puffer coat, go for a denim jacket on top of a light windbreaker.

Hoodies can also up your chic points as long as you choose a style that does not resemble a college bum. Select a hoodie with a bright pop of colour under a bomber jacket for that edgy street-style look or if you want to go for something more glam, wear a faux fur hoodie under a black leather jacket or wool coat.

In this transitional weather, you can still continue wearing your sheer tops as long as you apply the concept of layering. Don a sheer long sleeve with a short-sleeve shirt or cropped shirt on top to reveal the material underneath. The flimsy clothing is also great to look at when paired with fall’s hottest bomber jacket. You can either choose to keep the zipper down or push the sleeves of your jacket up to display the sheer sleeves.

And don’t start to move your summer dresses towards the back of your closet just yet. Explore your adventurous side by layering your slip dress on top of a long-sleeved shirt or pair your graphic maxi dress with a black leather jacket paired with sneakers. For some, wearing jeans under their ruffled dresses also extend the life of their beloved summer wear up to fall. And if you don’t want to let go of your favourite tunic just yet, why not pair it off with trousers or jeans?

When it comes to layering for the season, you can never go wrong with vests and cardigans. An oversized sleeveless vest paired with a long-sleeve turtle neck and jeans can make you look both polished and warm at the same time. Oversized cardigans paired with a simple top and dark trousers also give you that edgy corporate vibe with the right accessories.

Indeed, it’s very thrilling to imagine all the possibilities in clothing choices when it’s time to dress up for autumn. With these tips, you will never run out of ideas on how to dress for the season.